Why we Started our Stud COGALROWA Border Collies?
Several years ago we had two dogs Sox and Tip who were kelpie Coolie cross but somewhere along the way there must have been some Border Collie in there because they looked like border collies and everybody thought they were border collies.Sox and Tip were our children we loved them very much unfortunately we lost Tip to Cancer at 10years old then we lost Sox to a snake bite at 12 years old. We were devastated,it was terribly heart breaking to see Colin put his hand out to sox who was not there anymore so deciding he needed a new dog we on the internet and looked up Border Collies we came across Sharlene at Asterby Broder collies.
At first Sharlene was a bit sceptical of us having one of her companion collies due to where we lived she thought we wanted work dogs-NO WAY.After I explained what we had lost a family member we bought Deejay who never replaced Sox and Tip but made life so much easier.He was our family we had someone to love and be loved by he filled a huge gap in our lives. There was just three of us for a couple of years then we decided we would get him a companion so Misty came on the scene.
Deejay and Misty adore each other they are together 24/7 they live inside with us as well as outside. they are our children we take them away for visits to friends places so they are well travelled.
Earlier this year we took them down to the Border Collie Fun Day in Sydney what a great day we all had. Now MIsty is of the age to be a mum. So after lots of phone calls,paperwork and time we have become a registered breeder hoping that we can provide puppies to give lots of people someone to love and become part of their families like our two have came into our family and made it so much richer and rewarding.
Man's best friend is a fact not a fallacy.