LAST UPDATED: 11 December 2018


Welcome to COGALROWA Border Collies!

Colin and I live in a small country town in the Central West of New South Wales.
We have always loved  Border collies, so we end up getting our two Deejay and Misty.
With their love to us we decide to go down the track of becoming Registered breeders, so we could share our love of the breed and to produce quality pups with the affectionate personalities and temperament so other families can get the same enjoyment and love as we do.

Misty and Deejay are very much loved and spoilt members of our family and we pride ourselves on their family orientated temperaments.

Misty and Deejay both came from ASTERBY BORDER COLLIES. Please contact as for further information on their parents.

In 2015 Cogalrowa Border Collies  is happy to announce the new arrival Dalheath Etched In Ice -Lilly.

We personally deliver our pups at 8 weeks. As this will give us the chance and opportunity to meet our puppies new families. We are also able to transport pups to other locations on request. 



For any enquiries please feel free to call or email us and we will answer any questions.

Dogs NSW membership number:2100076281 
Cogalrowa Pty Ltd